Tuesday, July 13, 2010

NEW SHOP for Vintage finds!

We have found (in our basement) and inherited a great number of "vintage" items in the last year. That, coupled with the many open hours that my college son has during the summer, made for an opportunity! He and I have opened a vintage shop on Etsy. It is Dot2day, and will feature vintage items of all sorts.

Some of the categories will include "cut glass" (Grandma Dorothy had quite the collection), Frankoma Pottery (my collection to be dispersed) and many knick-knacks, linens, and other things as we come across them.

The plan is to upload new things every couple of days, so you might want to check in often if these type of items are of interest to you! Enjoy, and know the proceeds from purchases made will be donated to the "Higher Education of Lanny" fund, and the experience will be helping to unleash another entrepreneur on the world!

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