Monday, October 11, 2010


I have found facebook to be so much easier to post in than this blog, that I am afraid I have been derelict here. It takes just a second to say "hi" or post something there, and I am on my personal page everyday keeping up with kids, grandkids and friends (real ones!).

I am just letting you know, that you are welcome to join the fun on my Facebook fan page ( I will continue to post here too - I know that some people just do not like using Facebook, and I understand that.

I would really like some feedback from you about this... do you do both? Prefer the blog? I want you to be well informed and in contact! Thanks! Jill


whyte said...

Because FB is faster I tend to treat it the same, I'm finding when I get on there I have a little trouble finding meaningful context so I tend to skip through quickly. What began as a great way to keep up with everyone, now I don't have time to search through hundreds of posts anymore, so if my friends post on the first couple of pages I open at any given time, they get read, but then again the regulars are usually just letting me know what they had for breakfast. I comment often, post myself very little.

That said, my blogging has fallen way off too, but I still prefer blogs......more meat.

jill2day said...

Thanks for your thoughts... it does seem to "snowball" with messages!

I agree the blog should be where the meat is.. maybe that is the issue I have to look at. Exactly what content goes where. Thanks again.

FairyFiligree said...

It's nice to hear from your blog again! I don't use Facebook although I did try to for some time. Just didn't feel comfortable with it. But if it works better for you, go for it. Blogging is harder work to be sure but I guess it's also a different kind of communication. All the best....