Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Abundance in NYC

I am visiting NYC and am overwhelmed by the abundance of inspiration and just stuff!!!
Bolts and bolts of fabric on floors and floors of store at Mood Fabrics,  Bins and Bins of thread next door. Down the street aisle after aisle of zippers, buttons or snaps... and upstairs windows hint at the armies of mannequins and dress forms hard at work!

A visit to the F.I.T. museum showing the new fashion trends in Japan and Eco friendly fashion through the years. Walking down 5th Avenue. Marketing on Times Square.

Amazing food design in Chelsea Market. From the cupcakes to the lobsters... all are beautiful!

And that is only day 1 and 2!!!!


San D said...

Glad you enjoyed your visit to the "city" as we call it. New York is just starting to get it's holiday groove on, and will be completely nuts in the upcoming weeks. Lots of lights, colors, tourists, energy, cold and wind. I'm actually going to the Cloisters Tuesday for one last fall visit. San D

jill2day said...


I got to see them haul in the Rockefeller Tree and by that evening they were building the scaffolding around it so they can decorate. Macy's windows were already decorated, so got to see those too! A wonderful place!