Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thinking Winter Scarves

It might be 90% outside, but I am already starting to think about the Holiday season. last year they came fast and furious not to long after jill2day opened in August. But this year I have some time to plan.

Several shops inquired about wholesale purchases of my reconstructed scarves last year, but there was no way I could produce enough to make it reality. This year, however, it will be different! My new industrial machine and a college kid home for the summer, combine for real potential.

I already have my son cutting hundreds of strips of recycled sweater fabric for me (at a price, of course!). Then I can take those and sort them into some really wonderful combos of color and textures to make into reconstructed scarves. Production on my new machine will take care of the rest. I have been shopping and storing fabrics for months now, so plenty to work with!

If you are interested in purchasing wholesale scarves from me (or know a store where they would be a good fit), please see the WHOLESALE page here in my blog, or email me at

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