Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thanks, thanks, 1600 times thanks.

On August of last year I posted my first item to the Jill2day store. It has been a joyful and thankful ride since that date. Today I hit 1600 hearts on my shop. I am never sure why those round numbers feel so good, but they do. I also know that there are many reasons for "awarding" a heart, but nonetheless I just want you to know that I appreciate everyone of you who has taken even a second of their life to look at my shop! This past 9 months have been almost as fun, and scary and anticipation-filled as previous 9 month birthing endeavors I have had!

I never knew what a wonderful group of people I would meet just by clicking one little "get started" button to open my shop. I have met wonderful people from all over the world - both Etsy shoppers and sellers. I now start my day connecting with three efriends made on the positive forum of Etsy. I have shared, in a small way, some of the joys and heartaches of my customers; The comfort of a cozy sweater during health issues; A sweater and scarf to help remember a Mom's hugs, A vest that holds memories of New York taxis; A fun and funky garment in a previously unfound size, A garment with a shot of confidence for that special presentation!  And so many "just for fun" purchases were made from my shop.

I have made art most of my life. I have made my living doing graphic design most of my life. But never had I had so much fun and satisfaction making creations! I never knew that the "virtual world" of ecommerce could also be so personal and rewarding.

Thanks to all of you, for your enthusiasm, your inspirations, your kind thoughts and your continued patronage of my shop. I promise lots more to come...

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