Thursday, July 28, 2011

Challenging "Scrappy" stuff

One of the teams I  belong to on Etsy is doing a challenge this week. We are trying to use up scraps in new and different ways. I have done three items so far.

The first was this reconstructed pillow I made with upcycled fabrics. It is the first pillow I have done for jill2day, but probably will not be the last! It was really a fun project and would go so nicely with my afghans and blankets that I am now listing in my reconstructed BLANKETS section.

I picked up some more pillow forms this week, so I am sure more pillows coming soon. You can see more views of this one by clicking here.

Today I made a lamp! It is made on a lampshade and lamp purchased at a thrift store. It has four different animal skin sweater fabrics for the shade, and tons of decorative buttons from my stash of vintage buttons. I am not putting this in my shop. I want to test it out in my own home, to make sure that the glues are stable and will hold. But I really like the idea, and if you agree let me know... Always looking for new ideas to make with my reconstructed sweaters!

Lastly I tried a clutch bag. This was a fun projects, but again will not be in the shop. I am not a bag maker, and really have no idea if my interfacing and seaming will hold up, so I think this will be my own little treat for myself until I decide to up my expertise! 

This has been a very fun way to get me to "think different" and to break out of the creative rut that can occur occasionally. However, I do think it is time to get back to my sweaters, scarves, skirts and tunics.... with a couple of afghans and pillows thrown in for good measure! But you never know what the spirit may move me into next!


Kelley said...

These are amazing!!!! What a wonderful way to help recycle things.Your items probably look better than the original product!

livjewellery said...

Love these jill!

carolyn said...

Oh my gosh I love them! All great stuff. Wonderful!