Friday, July 1, 2011

Spring Green was great!!

Last weekend was the Spring Green (WI) art fair. This is a show that, as a customer, I have loved to go to for many years. I was very excited to participate as a vendor. They have a great set up, a wonderful organizing committee of volunteers, and a wide variety ofartists juried into the show.

We have been having less than  optimal weather this spring, so wasn't sure what to expect, but both days were perfect. There was a great crowd! I think people had been waiting for a good day to get out - and they did!
I had a brand new booth to use. It is HUGE (10x20) and very high and spacious. Plenty of room for my garments, a changing room and for groups to congregate and commiserate while trying things on.

I had practiced setting it up at home, so it set up went well until a bungee cord attacked me... so I had a beautiful purple eye for the weekend!
The show was so fun! I met so many new people - both customers and fellow artists. Carol Broadley an Etsy potter and fellow exhibitor was there with her beautiful pottery. A couple of other Etsy sellers came by the booth - nice to meet you Copperheart! The jewelers next to me will be at the Holiday show I will be doing in Madison, so it will be great to see them again.

There were an amazing number of well behaved dogs at the show also. These two "lions" napped in front of my booth for a while enjoying any coolness that the asphalt provided.
I introduced some new reconstructed skirts at the show, and they went over very well. They are mostly waffle weave cotton knit, and so soft! I have added them to my Artfire shop that I just started to populate. Some cotton knit summer scarves are there also - take a look!

Can't wait to do this show again next year. The only problem came when I went to leave, and couldn't find my keys anywhere!! Turns out I had dropped them on the way from my car Early in the day, and someone had turned them into the police. So all ended well! (Lesson learned!)

Hope to see you all at a show sometime soon.

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