Friday, February 12, 2010

Summertime, and the sweaters are coming!

Even though the view outside your window may not look like it, spring will be coming soon. I am starting to gather cottons for my spring and summer reconstructed sweaters for my etsy store.  I scored lots of beautiful colors yesterday, and next Monday am planning a major purchaing adventure.

SO - help me out here - what "must haves" do you look for in summer sweaters? Short or long; colorful or neutral; cardi or pullover; any special necks or closures?

I know that I love my big slouchy cotton v-necks that can be either on their own or top a layer or two. They are my spring and summer sweatershirts! I also love big cardis that can go over anything when I am on the porch in the evening, or keep the AC chill off - no buttons or zips, just hug to close! Spring is also when I break out the vests. Great for that in-between time when a jacket is too much, but I need something....

Let me know your thoughts. Some would call this marketing research - I prefer just calling it fashion gossip!


knitsteel said...

I like a length that goes past my waist, but not past my bottom.

jill2day said...

thanks for the input!

dogdazzle said...

Hip length is good. I like both pullover and cardigan styles. Subdued colors.