Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Time Out!

I am heading out this week to meet a brand new person and spend some time with 'kin folk' I haven't seen in a while. My niece recently had a baby and my nephew and his family will be visiting the lower 48 from Alaska. Everyone will be in the CO area, so I am headed out there too! (wouldn't want to miss the fun!)

It is a good time for a short break from the shop, and I hope all my wonderful customers will understand. I will make the wait worthwhile! When I get back, I will be starting many new sweaters for spring, gearing up for the 25 on 3/25 at 3:25, and also introducing a new category: custom bundles!

I am starting the application process for several art fairs this summer and fall, but Etsy will always be my first love! I am just not sold that people in crowds on a 90 degree day will want to buy sweaters, so I am focusing more on the fall and Holiday shows. This is my first time going through some of the jury processes, so we will see what happens... maybe I will be in a venue near you! (Looking at Alexandria VA, Chicago IL, Madison WI for starters)

I will "talk" to you all when I get back, hopefully hubby and dog will do fine while I am out and about.

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