Sunday, February 14, 2010


One of my loyal customers contacted me not too long ago and asked if I had bright yellow and also black and white checked fabrics. I replied "sure" and sent her this pic of some fabrics. I asked if these were team colors or what was her inspiration. Turns out she used to live in NYC and loves the Yellow cabs... and bright yellow in general! She has sinced moved, and wanted a long vest to remind her of those days in NY.

She gave me the "go ahead" to do the custom sweater. Here is a picture of the finished project! I think it is so much fun! This is another reason I love doing custom projects... customers come up with the best ideas - and ideas I would never have thought of! Have fun, Stephanie, riding around in your "Taxi2day" reconstructed sweater vest!

Got a great idea for a custom project? Just convo (email) me through the "contact jill2day" button on my Etsy shop home page, or go to my shop and click on my custom project icon.


knitsteel said...

That's a fantastic sweater and would look awesome with my new yellow rainboots.

Carolyn said...

Really fun looking!