Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New category - Custom Starters!

Sometimes I find truly wonderful/wacky recycled patterned sweaters that I know someone would love in one of my reconstructed sweaters...but many might not! I have not figured out exactly what to do with these yet! If I go ahead and make them for the shop, they will certainly be the wrong size or style for the exact person who loves them! But if I don't post them, they will never be used!

I plan on starting an "ideas" or "starting points" category in my shop. I can post some of the unique patterns for repurposing, either alone or with some solids shown with them. I would like these to be the starting point for a custom sweater idea that the customer and I can than collaborate on for the style and size. This is a way I can showcase some of the more unique items I have in my stash, while not committing them to a size or style.

I know someone out there would love a cowboy themed sweater, but who?!!

I will also be posting some of my "bundles" there. These will be my groupings of colors that could be used in a custom reconstructed sweater. It will give the customer an idea of color ways - and readily available specific patterns and combinations that can be repurposed into a garment just for them. On the right are some examples of how the bundles may be shown.

I would really be interested in your feedback on this idea... please leave your comments!


FairyFiligree said...

Great idea - I would be interested in anything with embroidery on it....

jill2day said...

I will keep my eyes open!

Suella said...

Starter bundles would give us a chance to consider our own designs & colors. A great idea.

At present I really fancy the sophistication of the black and grey bundle. But I love color!

Emroidery could be a very worthwhile inclusion as well.

And as I can only afford one....

Decisions decisions.