Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Houseful of Creative Construction by Hand!

We are having a much delayed remodeling project done in our home right now... It is fun to hear the sawing and hammering and drilling going on while I am elsewhere in the house sewing and cutting and sculpting my T-shirts! Lots of creative construction happening in our home!

The contractor we are using is also a "reformed" graphic designer. We were talking the other day about how we went into GD when it was still a "hands on" craft. Back when you cut and paste type, used markers to draw layouts, and glued presentations together for mock-ups. Now it is all on the computer. We agreed that much of the tactile joy was sucked out of the process (but also admitted to the glory of the "undo" "redo" abilities of the computer!).

We both find so much more satisfaction in the tangible construction that is now part of our process, and feel so lucky to be in occupations where we use our hands as well as our heads. (The lack of cubicles is also a plus!)

But to be a real craftsman, I might have to get myself this tool apron!


Carolyn said...

So nice to be able to use our hands for creative and artistic activity.

San D said...

I,too, did Graphic design using the old waxer (remember those?) and a typography machine that spit out type that had to go through some sort of photographic process. Ah, those were the days. What was neat about my 35 years of teaching art, was not only did I teach kids how to make art and crafts, but I got to do it as well. Now, as a puppeteer I am continuing to use my head, hands and heart.

Chic Chix n Champagne said...

I'm a "good ole days" graphic designer also. I was taught hands-on by a very talented lady. I later specialized in business forms, drawing 1/6 horizontal, 1/10 vertical forms for the "new" computers. All with Rapidograph or Castell pens!
Oh, the waxer! Messy stuff.
I shut down my biz, and went into Import/Export just when the big computer typesetters came in, spewing out negs of what was created.
Man, this brings back memories!