Saturday, April 2, 2011

Food for body and soul!

blossoms at the Smithsonian castle
Today I spent the majority of the day amongst the cherry blossoms, magnolia blooms and tourists in downtown Washington DC. For lunch, we visited the Fish market on the Potomac.
such a pretty pattern!
I must give a disclaimer at this point. I love fish. I love to watch them. I love to swim with them. And, while it may seem ironic or hypocritical, I love to eat them. So I found myself straddling two ideas of heaven today; One resplendent in the smell of hyacinths and the beauty of the aforementioned cherry and magnolia flowers, and the other, an abundance of sea life not normally available to one who is far more accustomed to cows and other terrestrial food surrounding them.

the deadliest catch - east coast style
While one seems to be food for the soul and one food for the body, they both nourished me with beauty. The colors of one soft and creamy and pastel, and the other patterned and striped and far more varied.

no mistaking where I am!
It was a lovely day.

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