Sunday, April 17, 2011

Madison WI politics, an update

As many of you may have heard, we in Wisconsin are in the heart of political news at the moment. I posted about this in March, but thought I would update a bit. There have been weeks of protests here in Madison, odd phone calls, senators temporarily moving to other states, strange ballot counting and recall petitions (for any and every elected position holder) on every corner.

just another day at the rallies
I have my views and have participated in my way, but generally try to keep those opinions separate from jill2day. But, I thought some of you might like to see some of the more fun photos I have taken. I have posted a few of these on my facebook, but some are also new.

Yesterday Sarah Palin was in town, and this sign on the left just  about summed it up for both sides of the rally!

I took my niece's Flat Stanley to the rally, and he met one of the WI state troopers - who was a real trooper when asked for this photo posing with Flat Stanley. Speaking of the troopers, they and all of the law enforcement officers involved controlling crowds of up to 100,000 people, have been exemplary. They have bee both cordial and professional - a fine line for them considering the politics involved and their unionized status.

Another memorable day was a flashmob singing of the song from Les Mis "Can you hear the people sing". If you want to see/hear it I have posted it on youtube. Click here.

The Capitol is probably my favorite building in the universe, so to witness this event in the three story rotunda was awe inspiring!

There have been a number of artist centered events, and fiber artists have been well represented. Here is a beautiful quilted protest sign!

So it is not hard to guess my politics, but the more important thing to me is that we all look at the issues and take an informed and respectful stand for whatever side you may be on. There is a lot or rhetoric and fear right now, but we are all wanting what is the best. It is guaranteed not to be your way, or my way, so some how we have to find that which is common ground for all of us.

Yesterday at the rally and counter rally, the man next to me was in direct opposition to my political hopes. However, when the National Anthem was sung, we both sung with all our might. After the song was done, we each continued with our partisan chants, but hopefully will also find some way to find bi-partisan ground.


JulieinNJ said...

Jill, This is a fantastic blog. I am from New jersey and I have been watching everything frim the beginning. I am so proud that the people od Wisconsin acted like true Americans and have stood their ground. I will never understand how republican speak from both sides of their mouths. They claim that they want to preserve th middle class yet they vote to protect the richest Americans from paying taxes. Then they want to cut funds from the most valuable people such as teachers, firemen, police etc, I believe it was a prominent Republican who said a day after 911 that "we will never forget, and that we will take care of the many brave heroes". Well the day came to pay expenses for all of the dead and dying and the Republicans cut back the is time for the morons who listen to palin and bachman and Beck and O'Reilly to wake up and read a history book about what true Democracy is.

JulieinNJ said...

Please excuse all of my typing errors