Thursday, August 20, 2009

Intro to my stash and shop

Some artists have paints, some have beads, some have yards of silks... me, I have piles of old sweaters! From these I make reconstructed clothing - sweaters, coats, cuffs or wristlets. I add vintage buttons and other touches to make each one totally unique.

It is impossible for me to have anything but one-of-a-kind garments. I [probably] will never find the same fabrics. I don't use any patterns. Each design grows as it is made.

Recently I opened a shop at I have been very excited to see the response to my offerings. My very first inquiry was from Australia, and within days my analytics let me know I had been viewed by people from Bangkok to Finland to England and all points within the US! It truely is the world wide web!

I have also found that opening a virtual shop is much the same as having a brick and mortar shope. You need to be responsive to your customers; work within the regulations of your venue and your state; keep your stock available; promote your business, and on and on. Lots to learn, but I am having a blast!

I have also found a whole new world of artists on Etsy. The many forums and other communications allow each seller to meet and learn from the others - a great help in getting started. So here it is and here I go...


Lynne said...

This is a very interesting idea! I like it!

Your stash is the exact opposite of mine. Piles of sweaters would mean i had USED my stash! :)

arlene said...

Your shop is truly amazing!