Friday, August 28, 2009

The process of creation

I love the process of creating almost more than seeing the final product. I love seeing the creative process of other artists as well. So assuming some of you like that also, here are some pictures of the cyclone I create when in my studio!

My husband has referred to my process as the destruction; I prefer the term reconstruction! I do not usually have sketches of what I am going to do. I do have a pic in my head, and occasionally some roughs, but usually it is just a lot of auditioning colors; trying on (my son never comes into the studio without whistling first to warn me he is coming!); holding up; squinting; ripping apart; resewing; looking for the right texture, etc. Here are some of the evidence of destruction/reconstruction!

On the left is one of my sweaters about 1/3 of the way done.

Below are two completed sweaters drying out. I always wash the sweaters when they are done. This gives them a great chance to prove their worth! I put them in both the washer and dryer (delicate) and will lay them flat when they are almost dry. This gives them a cohesive "hand" a fresh smell, exposes any unstable seams or threads and lets them know I love them and want them at their best for their new homes.

Now I am off to photograph, write some snappy copy, and list these in my shop...
So look for Peachy2day, Landscapes2day, and Violets2day on in the next day or two!


elan said...

Very cool stuff, would love to see them on a model, will check out your shop.

VaRFWiz1 said...

Beautiful work and inspries me to do 'someting' with the ever growing bag of damaged, stained +/or stretched out sweaters that lives in my 'mending closet'. One question: You say you wash AFTER putting all the work into the garment. What do you do when one of the pieces involves turns out to be a loser?

C'est Magnifique said...

Those sweaters are beautiful, I love them!

jill said...

Varfwiz1 -

good question. First i wash in delicate to be as gentle as possible. Secondly Occaisionally I do have to go back and reinforce a seam or two because the washing proved out a weak spot (why I do it!) But ultimately there can be losers who don't survive... they either get tossed, or cut up and reworked... And lessons are learned. That is one reason I far prefer to make and post rather than custom!!