Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lemons and Lemonade

The shop needs replenishing, so I guess I won't take Sunday off! Now that "sweater weather" has arrive, people are buying and enjoying. I have gotten some very nice fedback from customers lately and also a "threepeat" customer. It is so wonderful to know that people are enjoying these items that have brought me so much fun in the making.

Maybe I should rename my shop the "lemonade stand". I was a victim of the "downsizing" economy in early spring, and took the time to think about turning to my art for solice and income. That is how my Etys shop was born. Well, I certainly am enjoying drinking the Lemonade made from the lay-off lemons!


JLR Designs said...

I would LOVE if it was sweater weather already here in Phoenix! It was 110 yesterday. I'm going to live vicariously through you :)

jill said...

LOL I will kick a few leaves for you!

jill said...
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Hurricane Pottery said...

I wonder how many of us turned to art for solace after adversity? My husband and I began our more "serious" journey with clay after Hurricane Katrina. We were so burnt out from excessive workloads; there were so many people with great need and not enough workers to carry the load. Focusing on pottery gave us time together and it gave us a way to relax and re-channel our energies. I'm glad you've found some lemonade in your lemons. BTW, we'd really welcome some sweater weather here in southeastern Louisiana, too.