Friday, October 23, 2009

A couple of new custom projects

I just finished these two custom projects. The one on the left is all wool and just warm and swingy! The customer had seen a one on my site that had been sold, and asked to have a similar one made. She is very pleased and I am sure will get a lot of  enjoyment wearing it this winter.

The one on the right has more cotton and is so bright it just makes you smile. The  styleis inspired by others I have done, and the colors by the customer and some buttons she provided for inspiration. She said she liked dots and wanted a variety of colors in the coat. Shopping for the materials for this one was a challenge. I never know what will be available when I go "hunting" but fortunately found what we needed for this one!


Kim Carney said...

how much do you charge for your custom pieces? ;)

jill said...

Kim, I have sent you info via e-mail...Thanks for asking! Jill