Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Piecing... it is not just for bed quilts anymore!

I recently made a sweater coat for a customer who works in the furniture industy. She sent me this clipping of an article she had from a trade magazine that shows how the "Handmade", and more specifically piecing, is influencing the furniture industry. I personally love the quote in the call-out:
"In the right hands bits and pieces, scraps even, can be turned into a masterpiece."
This made me think back to all of the places that I have seen this trend lately.... EVERYWHERE!

Evidently with the economy and the return to "nesting" economy and craft, Even the most elite have found the comfort of what many of us have know for a very long time:
handmade is artistic, ecological and just plain nice.
Coach tried it out a while a go and is still using piecing in their items:

The runways of Ralph Lauren were filled with this "new" style in the NY shows this year. Pieced wools and pieced sweater knits were comibined with day looks and evening looks...

Hey - those of you who have found jill2day are right on the cutting edge!

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