Saturday, October 3, 2009

Local Color - Madison WI

I have the distinct honor of living in one of the finest areas of the US. Madison Wisconsin is my home town and, although I have traveled a lot, still my favorite town. The reasons are many, but at this time of year the Farmers Market is alive with the abundance of the midwest. Flowers, fruits, veggies, organic meats... and - this being Wisconsin - every kind of cheese you can imagine!

The colors this morning were amazing! Even the pumpkins have evolved from the same old orange to a pottery-like variety of "glazes".

The gardners were harvesting the straw flowers, glads and  so many others, while also getting ready to plant the mums and other fall plantings. The peppers were amazing - every color and every taste from hot to sweet! One of the great benefits of being a university town, is that the visiting students from all over the world end up staying or at least their various ethnic heritages influence. Consequently there are always new and interresting edibles to see and try.

Finally, Madison is the site of what (in my humble opinion) is one of the most beautiful goverment seats in our nation. The WI state capital. Here is one outside view, but the inside is what is truly remarkable with the marble and murals. ( The model with the fall foliage is me - nice to meet you!)
Time to go home now, with my carmel apple, goat cheese, pumpkin flax bread, one pound of a mix of 10 varieties of tiny potatoes, wax beans, and leeks!

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dogdazzle said...

Beautiful pictures!