Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The ultimate recycle possibility

A new yarn shop has opened in my town. It is The Cat and The Crow. I have started going to the open knitting night there, and there are a few spinners (including the shop owner) in the group. I was telling them about my piles of beautiful serger cut-offs that are left after my making, and I expressed the wish that something could be done with them. First for a better recycling, and also just because they are beautiful! Well one of the spinners thinks she may be able to recard the pieces and make them into a recycled yarn! That would just be the best - and complete the cycle for me.

I buy the old sweaters to recycle, then make my reconstructed sweaters, Then I decided that I would make repurposed cuffs from the "leftovers"... well there were still pieces left, so I started making upcycled scarfs from them. So now just about all I have left are these serger scraps - and if they could be made into yarn that would just be perfect! I will keep you posted.


Suella said...

Would these scraps not stitch into small shapes and flower like bits which could either make a coursage for the appropriate sweater or be stitched together to form a sort of yarn/cord?

Embellishements for your sweaters or cuffs could be possible here. But perhaps too time consuming to be worth doing for you. What about bagging them up for the appropriate garment and adding them in the parcel when you send it to the purchaser. Some will do something with it. I would.

jill said...

Good thoughts! Unfortunately the pieces are usually cross cuts and would not hold together - for felting or stitching. (imagine cutting a 1/2 inch strip of a sweater). BUT that is what makes the possibility of carding them apppropriate. Keep thinking though! I like the ideas.