Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lunch shadows

Yesterday my friend and I were seated at a very nice cafe for our lunch. She was seated looking towards me and out to the world through huge front windows. I was seated looking past her at a huge blank wall (albeit pink). However I definitely got the better view. The sun outside projected constantly changing and very dimensional images onto my wall. It was both beautiful and fascinating. Luckily my friend, Judith, has long  embraced my ADD (defined as either Artistic Detail Diversion, or Attention Deficit Disorder - you choose) and was not offended by my constant distraction during our conversation!

When I got up to use the facilities, I discovered this little corner of the world... glad I had taken my phone/camera with me! What a beautiful display it was and one that must change everyday with the people and the light. Congrats on a great spontaneous art show to Nosh in Geneva IL!

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