Monday, March 21, 2011

The Springtime change over!

Check out this pink and sherbet orange sweater!
Spring is just around the corner, even though the robin in the last post is still waiting for all the snow to go away! I have moved most of my wools to the side and have pulled out all my cotton and cotton blend and poly blend knits.

This change of season also means a change of style and color choice as well. Good bye to the soft heathers and marled oatmeals of the winter wools and hello to the pastels and brights of the warmer seasons.
Check out the green ruffles!
The styles need to be lighter, maybe shorter, and often sleeveless. But the flowy swingy styles are still great for letting the spring and summer breezes tickle your skin!

I am sold on sweaters through the entire year. I love the loose cotton knit during the summer as much as I like wearing the cozy wools of winter. Knits are always comfortable, forgiving and just a little more dressed up than my sweatshirts! Check out my shop for the new summer items that have appeared in the last few days. more will be !through this week.

I love this long flap front!
One of my new favorite styles for transitional weather is the wrap front sweater. it overlaps in the front, hangs loos in the back. It can be pinned with those brooches we are always looking for excuses to wear! Or it can flap back like lapels... I will be wearing them over my capris and linen skirts this summer!


Resweater said...

I love all of them, but that last one is fantastic!

LizzieCaye said...

How awesome!! I love it. I super LOVE LOVE the green ruffle one!! Super cool!!