Friday, March 25, 2011

The Space/Girdle connection!

Today I was listening to NPR's Science Friday and they had the best story about one of the ultimate clothing designs ever made. It turns out that Playtex (yes THAT Playtex!) actually designed the first space suit! the following is a caption and a video from Ira Flatow's SciFri website. The video shows numerous less successful designs! Enjoy (I am glad sweaters are far less complicated!)
Of the suit he wore on the moon, Neil Armstrong wrote, “it was tough, reliable, and almost cuddly.” But that cuddly suit, made by the company Playtex, had some stiff competition (literally) from rival rigid, metal designs. This video features archival NASA footage of mobility tests for several spacesuit prototypes. Music is from the band One Ring Zero’s album "Planets". Music courtesy One Ring Zero. Footage courtesy NASA, and thanks to Nicholas de Monchaux. Produced by Katherine Wells. 

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