Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It is fall!

Today in the studio, I really felt the fall.
Here is a snippet of a posting that will happen tomorrow. This item has all the best of fall - the colors, the wool, the leaves, the warmth. I love it! Even the name is where to go for the fall - Bershires2day!

Also coming is Persimmon2day... a great pullover swing style sweater with colors to span the seasons - warm peaches surrounded by browns.

Finally a special sweater design specifically for the plus size woman, Meadow2day. It has a wonderful neck line, and a shape to set off the curves. It also has an adjustable tabs to give the sweater the freedom to swing or the structure to hug - whicever you choose.

These will all be available by tomorrow evening.

1 comment:

arlene said...

I just discovered your blog as you posted on altered artwear. You are wonderfully talented and a gifted designer. I LOVE your beautiful reconstructed (I like that term too!) sweaters! I hope one day I can buy one. I may ask my hubby for one for Christmas!
I'm so glad you posted a link to your treasures!