Wednesday, September 30, 2009

World Wide Etsy

One of the things I find so amazing about Etsy is the universality of it. It is amazing to me to think about people all over the world connected through this thing we call the web, and yet we are so disconnected in other ways. I was just looking over my Google analytics this morning and thought I would give you a synopsis of the facts there...
  • My shop has been visited in 63 different languages - not surprisingly the top are English, French German and Italian... Finnish was number 19.
  • People from 83 different countries (the shaded area in the map) have visited jill2day - again, the top five are not surprising, US, Canada, UK, Australia and Italy
  • Lebanon leads the way for number of pages per view at 10 (followed by Serbia and Greece)
  • Oman leads the pack for time spent in the shop at 19 minutes (maybe someone just forgot to leave!) followed by the Czech Republic, Lebanon, and Chili
  • New visitors are from the Dominican Republic, Jersey, Jordan, Bahrain, Swaziland and Guatemala
  • So far I have mailed items to a couple of places in the UK, Greece and Spain, we will see who is next!
I find this very hopeful. The more we all communicate, on even this very minute and mundane level, maybe we will start to seeing each other as individuals, who shop, and eat, and relax, and surf, and have families, and not just as other 'foreign' countries alien to us.

Chck out this video I just received about this same thing: Social Media

Have a good day today - wherever and whoever you are...

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