Thursday, April 1, 2010

ANNOUNCING: Change of Direction of Business

I was so inspired by this wonderful Holiday sweater that I found at Savers yesterday, that I have decided to dump the previous jill2day type of styles, and embark on a new venture. From now on, I will be only making holiday themed sweaters. I am particularly excited about the Ground Hog day sweaters and the Presidents' Day sweaters that I have in my mind, as those holidays have been sorely ignored by traditional sweater manufacturers.

I intend to also branch out into new colors for old holidays; neons for Christmas and greys and blacks for Easter will be my first forays into these trend-setting options that I will be introducing. I will also be introducing combo sweaters. For Christmas I will have sweaters that have your Christmas stocking integrated into the sleeve of the sweater. Easter sweaters will come complete with a built in egg carton for your convenience. And, of course, Thanksgiving sweaters will all be pre-meal and post-meal size adjustable.

But, as always, April Fools will remain my favorite holiday, so for that I will offer the Emperor's New Sweater at an exceptionally high price!

Wish me well on my new venture, and let me know any further ideas you may have. Happy April 1 to you all.


FairyFiligree said...

It's an idea but...... are you sure you're not kidding us all? I mean it is April Fool's today!Have a lovely Easter!

DK said...

April Fools? o.O

knitsteel said...

Thank you for the giggles today.

jill2day said...

Yes, it is April Fools!!