Friday, April 9, 2010

The cobbler is now shod.

Okay, so I make all these fun things, but have none of my reconstructed clothes or sweaters that I actually call my own. In a couple of weeks I am going to a 3 day quilt convention in Chicago, and decided maybe I should wear some of my own things! Well is is always about 90 degrees there (inside) so sweaters are out (tried that last year). So I spent a day making some reconstructed t-shirts and skirts for myself.

I used recycled t-shirts from Goodwill and a lot of the same principles used in my comfy coats and sweaters. Here are the results. I am happy... so happy, in fact, that I went to Goodwill yesterday and bought several more t-shirts to try some more. So we will see if they start showing up in my shops soon. Want to do some more experimenting first though!

Heidi Klum - eat your heart out and watch your back.


Carol B said...

How cute! I'm glad you're going to be using T-shirts. It's too hot in Texas to wear a sweater most of the year. I hope to see some T-shirt work in your shop.

Carolyn said...

You are so right: "Heidi Klum - eat your heart out and watch your back."

And I agree with Carol B. Will be watching your shop like a hawk.

San D said...

I'll be there with everyone else eyeing your new t-shirt works. I love what you did with the ones you designed for you!

AuntieAnnie said...

Absolutely wonderful.....and the perfect time of the year to create designs from T shirts.

knitsteel said...

You look amazing. Gorgeous clothes for yourself.