Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Little Skin in the Game.

Things are roaring in the ole reconstructed sweater studio these days. Lions and tigers and bears - OH MY!!

The three sisters are showing off some of the newest of the new from jill2day. In the center is a custom project for a repurposed cardi coat that I am just finishing up. She is surrounded by two of her offshoots.

I have been dreaming of doing an animal skin coat for a while, then a lovely customer convoed me asking if I could do one for her... well the hunt for skins was so lucky that I got enought for her custom coat and then some.

This has really been fun! well - back to the studio to finish them all. Not only green and eco-friendly, but animal friendly too!! What more could you want!


Carolyn said...

What fun! Grrrr....

FairyFiligree said...

Not my kind of thing but I actually think you were very lucky finding all that roaring stuff..... are they all woollens? Never seen anything of the sort..