Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Bottom Line

The devil is always in the details in my reconstructed sweaters! Here are three hems that I have recently used on my coats. Each has their own flair. The top one (used in Animal2day) is a scalloped hem that gently runs across the bottom of the coat. It is especially nice on a knee length or shorter coat or on the more petite woman that doesn't want a lot of detail on her garment.

The second coat is an example a my pieced hem on one of my reconstructed cardi coats (this one is Roar2day). It is a great hem on the "twirly coats" - this hem can add length to the bottom of the coat and is great on the longer coat to either add hem line interest and contrast, or continuity and length.

The third hem is a triangularly pieced hem. It doesn't add as much length as the above hem, but it does add texture and visual interest to the bottom of the garment.

Of course there are as many (or more) options in the front closures and the sleeves - that is what make jill2day garments truly one-of-a-kind!

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Carolyn said...

There is something wildly appealing about the zebra skins, like Tarzan for women. Women need some Tarzan in their lives. And this would be the most manageable way to get it.