Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday Finery

In thinking about Easter I can't help but think of all of the wonderful Easter Outfits I had growing up. My mother, Evy, loved clothes and accessories. She wasn't a clothes horse in the full sense of the word, but she sure knew how to put an outfit together. Born of the era when purses and shoes must match and no women would be seen in her best unless it included a hat and gloves, she truly believed in welcoming spring on Easter Sunday.

I remember a lavendar suit of hers that had a marvelously textured jacket over the slim skirt - all finished with a lavendar floral hat and purple Monet  pin. As I grew, she took equal relish in helping me to learn the fine art of acccessorizing. My all time favorite Easter was the year of the white boucle coat (which I am sure was 100% plastic polyester) with yellow gloves, yellow patent leather shoes, and a yellow purse. I even can picture the yellow daisy pin on the coat collar. A little more vague in my memory is the year of the polka dots - might have been the new accessories for the white coat the following Easter! Mama taught me well. 

Those were the days when "Sunday Best" meant something. When you could sit in church and contemplate the beady eyes of the mink collar shawl on the woman in the pew in front of you instead of listening to the sermon. It was when Dad put his business card in his Fedora, so that it would be returned to him even if the wrong guy picked it off the coatroom shelf at the end of church. It was looking down at the new shiney shoes and white anklets that you knew you better take off the minute you stepped back into the house so they would still look new next Sunday. It was when you big brother's crew cut stood straight and he wore a tie for at least an hour. It was belting out "Onward Christian Soldiers" while admiring the spectrum of hats parading out during the recessional.

Today my buddy Maggie and her husband are visiting. We will have an Easter dinner, and a lovely day with friends, but for fashion I asked her to do a little modeling for me. Here she is, showing off a little of my fashion and color sense that I am sure are a product of the yesteryear Easters!

New postings (this reconstructed sweater and several more) will be appearing in my Etsy shop tomorrow.
Happy Easter and Happy Spring.


Carolyn said...

Wonderful to see real people as models. So sweet. Who is the beautiful older lady who modeled some clothes earlier on you site? I love the way she looks like a dancer and so graceful. For months I used a photo of her as my computer wallpaper to remind me to stand up straighter and that true beauty is ageless.

jill2day said...

I agree Carolyn, and I have some lovely friends don't I? Unfortunately they are not always around at my beck and call (they are indeed cooperative, but have lives!!)I will pass on your compliments to my friend Dawn who will be modeling again. But her life has been busy.