Saturday, May 22, 2010

Natural Sculpturers

Living out in the country has its challenges, but also its joys. Wasps, and other insects are both. While I will admit to still Being a bit fearful, I am also in awe of these insects.

Here are two of their newly started homes that they have attached to various parts of our deck area. Both of these are only about 2-3 inches wide, but absolutely beautiful. I am anxious to see how big they get in the next few weeks. Fortunately there is an alternate deck on the other side of the house!

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FairyFiligree said...

Nature is truly amazing and when these things happen, you realise we are all but intruders who expect nature to do what we want. I am also wary of wasps, having been badly bitten on my hand a couple of years ago - again, it was my fault of course. Anyway, perhaps you should get a nature expert to remove these for you and place them in a safe place at a distance?