Saturday, May 1, 2010

Two sure signs that spring is well on the way

This morning the walk from the house to the mailbox was really beautiful. It stormed last night, so today the world is that specific color of green that only happens after lightning has reawakened the grass. On my way up the driveway I saw a bluebird, woodpecker, robin(s), and mourning doves. The songs of those birds, as well as many more unseen, was just an amazing chorus of notes.

Just before getting to the end of the driveway, Jon’s Lilacs welcomed me. There is no smell quite as evocative or sweet as lilac bushes. Here is the Midwest they usually appear at everyone’s Grandmother’s or parents, home, and their scent is as much a part of spring as is the increased hours of the day.
The apple tree by our front door is in full bloom. I haven’t seen our possum since the last of the apples disappears in January, but the tree is working hard to make sure that there will be plenty for him and the birds next winter.

Living in a log home has both it benefits and disadvantages, but one of the fun aspects is the many bird nests that nestle in the corners during the year. One year we had seven nests on the house and porch corners. Of course, the birds do not understand why we find it necessary to use our doors (or the garage door openers) and get very indignant when we go in and out of THEIR house.

Hope you are also having a good spring - whateverthat is in your area of the world!

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