Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I am starting a new shop section today, SIZE4YOU, that I hope will help you, my customer, see what I have on hand and to have input on the size I should make it; and for me to be both productive and efficient. I have listed fabric bundles in my Etsy shop. They are listed in a new section called SIZE4YOU. These “bundles“ will be made into shirts within a week or two, so you have a chance to let me know what size I should make, and reserve them in advance!
The process will go like this:
If you would like to have one of these shirts made in your size, convo me (click “CONTACT JILL2DAY” on my shops home page) and let me know which one you want, your chest measurement, and the length of sleeve and hem you would like. If you are the first to contact me:
1- The listing will be temporarily reserved for you while I am making the shirt in your size.
2- I will convo you when the shirt is finished, photos are posted to the item, and the description is changed to show all measurements,
3- You (exclusively) will have 48 hours to purchase and pay for it.
4- If you do not purchase it within the 48 hours, I will remove the reserved, and it will be available to anyone.
This means that you can have “risk-free” input on these shirts and be the first to purchase the finished shirt.I will be limiting this unpaid reserve to two items per customer at any given time - but if you want to purchase and pay for the bundle right away, you may purchase as many as you would like! If I do not get any input on a bundle by the time I go to make it, I will make it up, photo it and move the listing to the “TSHIRT” section of the shop.

Why am I doing this? I have been trying to figure out how to better provide you with reconstructed t-shirts in the style and size you are looking for when you are looking through my Etsy shop. Doing one-of-a-kind shirts is efficient - doing custom items to match someone’s vision is not so efficient. That is because each item is dependent on the specific graphic and colors I can find at any given time - it is not always possible to find the right “parts” at the right time. The style of each shirt (I.E. the neckline) is also often dictated by what I find - not by pre-planning or by cutting fabric to a pattern. Recycled parts are combined into a new order, the garment is not made “from scratch“! That is why they are “reconstructed shirts” as opposed to “tailored shirts” or “sewn garments”. I also strive to keep the prices as low as possible, which means my production and shopping time has to also be efficient!

Hope this works for you all. I think it will allow you to always see what is coming up and what I have on hand.Here are few that have been posted: Shoofly, Mickey, Retro Beer

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