Sunday, March 25, 2012

Birds, real and Etsy!

If you have been around my Facebook or blog, you are probably aware of how much I like our birds. we are so lucky to have a great variety that stop by and eat at Jon's Diner!

I have really enjoyed seeing bird art by the artists on Etsy.

Here are three of my favorite Etsy bird artists:

Dean Crouser
The first is DeanCrouserArt Dean is an Oregon state artist.

This chickadee is wonderful, but his shop is just full of critters of all sizes each done with these wonderful splashes of color. Watercolor is one medium that I have never been able to master, so I have true respect for the technique used here as well as the aesthetics. Check out his shop and his animals.

Wire Animals
The second is wire animals, a Seattle Washington artist.I love this bird! Again, I am astounded by the technique as well as the fun beauty of these wired critters! If you would like to see a video of Nakisha making one of his birds watch here.

Ballet Art
And the third artist is Ballet Art an artist from Montebello, California

You have got to go check out all of his art. The dancers are fantastic, and everyone of his drawings just captures the essence of his subject.

I found this cardinal to be absolutely charming; even this cardinal from my porch loves it!

Yellow large/extra large sweater
The goldfinches at our feeder are turning from their bland winter brown to their spring/summer yellows. If you want some yellow feathers, too, check out this sweater from my jill2day store. it is a great spring time top layer for when the evenings get chilly!


LolitaRose said...

Cute post! I love seeing all the birds out and about this time of year...even though I'm pretty terrified of most of them LOL. :)

jill2day said...

funny you say that... i love watching them, but they can also creep me out at times!

Blythe Hopes Vintage said...

I have birdhouses in my yard, but, really really high up - I hat the idea of the kitties getting to them.