Friday, March 23, 2012

Tall friends

As many of you know by now, I am lucky enough to have a woods in my Blue Mounds, WI backyard. Mostly it is ignored by humankind, especially in summer when it is well protected by poison ivy, nettles, barbs of every kind, and ticks are omnipresent, but in spring I can go visit. I like it best then anyway. Free from the frills of foliage, the trees can reach with abandon! I went wandering recently and rested by a few of my favorite tree friends. I love the textures of the bark, the fuzzy green of the moss, and the polished smoothness of the now bark-less old timer.

During the day I can watch them standing guard out my studio window. At night, when our bedroom windows are open, I can here them talk. The soft squeaks as the winds sways them against each other. The occasional crack or creak as an old limb gives way. The general rustle.

I think I wouldn't mind being a tree. It would be a long and lazy life of welcoming others to nestle within your arms. You would provide shade and protection, and food for future generations. All the while feeling the sun's rays, the rain's moisture and the earth's security around your roots. And after many years, if you are lucky, you disintegrate, first into a beautiful sculptural form, then into the ground.


Joanie said...

I share your love of trees, and these photos are wonderful!
My favorite "noticings" are when a tree limb breaks and the tree "catches" it and "cradles" it in some lower branches as if not wanting to let it go. Anthropomorphizing, I know, but it still comes to me that way. Love you.

jill2day said...

Joanie - the best part is how the tree then slowly grows around the broken limb or any other thing it touches.

Anonymous said...

These photos are fantastic!

I completely agree with you about visiting the woods in spring. Its not only the fact you can avoid the poison ivy and ticks, but you the trees are just starting to wake up from winter and you get to wake up with them.