Monday, March 19, 2012

Tunnel vision

The Military Ridge state trail is across from our house. During the winter it is also a snowmobile trail. It is built on old railroad tracks, so it has the tunnels and bridges of the old railroad. it is a great place to wander, wave at passers by, and watch the change of season. Soon it will be in its summer glory, but now it is still recovering from winter.

Yesterday I wandered. I got a bit hung up in the tunnel. It was sunny on the outside, but the melt was not quite finished on the inside darkness. I am struck by the patterns that this light/dark and wet/dry makes. So of course I had to photo some of them!
gray wrap sweater

People often ask me where I get my color combo ideas for my upcycled, reconstructed sweaters, and I have to admit that many times they are not initially conscience choices, but the editing of them requires very conscience decision making!  I think that somewhere in my head, there is a folder labeled "colors/textures seen" and my gut just goes there and pulls images like these.... then comes up with ideas like these two sweaters available on jill2day.
black and tan cardigan

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