Sunday, March 18, 2012

Snuggley times return.

On Thursday I reopened my Etsy shop. I had closed down for a while to regroup and renew. It is up and running again complete with many new sweaters. I have cardigans, pullovers and wrap sweaters.

one colorful wrap!
The wrap sweaters are really my favorite! They are so very versatile in both size and use. (Just between you and me, I also call them my "menopause sweaters"!) They are lightweight, can be open or closed, and look great over either pants or skirts. If I were still in an office, I would have one at hand at all times for those varied meeting room temperatures!
Black and gray wrap
They all have the flared back that my other sweater do, so they are fun and flattering as well. I love finding the stripes to play with, or finding two different, but compatible, fabrics so I can make them asymmetrical. These sweaters are so very popular at my shows, and it is amazing to see the variety of body types that can wear - and look great in - the same sweater!

some are bright
I have also just added some new afghan blankets to their section. There are more coming soon. I so wish people could reach in and tough these. Nothing better for snuggling up in on the couch! Great to keep in the car for those snoozing passengers too!
... and some are neutral!

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livjewellery said...

I love the afghans, Jill. They look so warm and cozy.