Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My very own sculpture gallery

Back to my woods again!! As I walk through the woods, I sometimes realize the futility of being an artist. It has all been done; it is all around us. While the drive is to recreate it, the need is just to see what is there. I do love art museums, but sometimes I think they are our visual "second hand stores"!

The real trick is in recognizing the beauty around us - everywhere; not having it served up to us in a silver frame! (NOTE: this is said with all due respect, awe, and love for the creations of my many artist friends... you show us what your eyes see, and I thank you for that.)

Sculptors work so hard, with every material, to create interesting forms. Nature does it everyday. She is just far more patient. Letting the wind and water and temperature do its work over seasons and years. But the line, repetition, texture, movement, balance and every other principle of art that we artist strive for, are right there in the tree stump or rock. I am so happy that during the day, I can go visit my Blue Mounds Wood 'sculpture gallery' whenever I want a little break from creating for jill2day, or just need inspiration.

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