Friday, September 17, 2010

Sweaters for the sweater challenged!

So sorry for abandoning you lately... It has been a busy month or so for me.
Changing from the t-shirted summer to the cozy sweater winter stock has been more time consuming that I thought. I thought that I had the pacing of all this figured out. (Keep in mind I just started this venture last July!)  I had planned sort of a kick-back summer; make a couple t-shirts a week and get a jump on sweaters for fall. Well thanks to the wonderful enthusiasm and appreciation of all of you, my t-shirt making turned into a full-time gig! What a wonderful surprise and fun it was, but now the strata of unsewn sweaters sit glaring at me from the shelves of my studio!
However, I have managed to come up with some new sweaters and some new concepts or, as I think of them, Sweaters for the Sweater Challenged!! There are many of you (us!) who for reasons of biology or regionality, find sweaters just too warm. So here are some alternatives:
DRESSES: I have included reconstructed dress designs in my new offerings. (see the Dresses and Skirts section of the shop) These are great because they are loose and twirly (think cool air flow!) but still soft and cozy - and of course made form the recycled fabrics. They really are like wearing a robe all day! Many of you loved the t-shirt dress idea this summer, so thought I would try it for winter as well. These are great over leggings, or pants as well. The one in this picture is Saturday.
SCARVES: I love these scarves both for self or gifts. (see the Scarves and Shawl section)They are great for anyone on your list, and they work as shawls or as mufflers. Each reconstructed scarf can be tied or looped or wrapped and are a great fashion statement over your turtleneck indoors or coat outdoors! The one pictured here is Arizona.
SKIRTS: This may be my favorite addition to the shop. (see the Dresses and Skirts section of the shop) I love these skirts... all the twirl of the coats, but with the option to wear what ever suits your mood (or temperature) on top!  They all have an elastic waist band, and I will happily adjust it to fit your waist. Check them out! The one shown is Onyx.
SHRUGS: Okay I might not be using the term right, but I couldn't think of what to call these versatile little wraps.(found in the Shrugs and Boleros section) All different fabrics, but cropped (not too short - and usually longer in the back) and not buttons or snaps, they just slip on when the AC is too warm or the nights get chilly. For those of us in the cold area, they are a final layer of warmth against the winter chill. These are great to keep on the back of the chair at the office! St Paul is the one shown here.
And, finally [insert drum roll here] are the TWO-PIECE DRESSES: Wear them together or separate for so many different looks! (they are also in the Dresses and Skirts section of the shop) The cut of some of the tops are a little shorter to elongate the skirt/leg, but they still have the lower back. These would be so great for travel. just add a pair of black slacks and a pencil skirt and you are ready for anything!

Anyway... I am excited about these and the new coats and sweaters... to check out jill2day if you haven't been there recently.