Monday, August 22, 2011

End of summer sale!

I love fall and winter.... can never wait until we are done with this summer nonsense! To celebrate the first hint of cool in the evenings, and the sumac starting to turn red, I decided to give a 30% off on all my tshirt tunics between Wednesday this week and Sunday at noon. After that, they will be taken out of the shop and it will be all sweaters for the fall and winter seasons.

Take a look at my Etsy shop and use the coupon code "NOSUMMER" to deduct the 30% discount when you check out. Check out all the tunics in the Tshirt Tunic section. You can still use these tunics all fall and probably well into the winter... but I will be happily working and offering sweaters!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August is here and Mama Nature is preparing

The Queen Ann's Lace is past its prime, and the Coneflowers are in their heyday... that can only mean that summer's apex has been reached, and fall is almost here. For some of you that may be melancholy, but for me it is pure wonderfulness. It might still be 80+ degrees out, but the sun is just a little more golden and not quite as harsh at 8:00 AM. The baby birds - even from the second nestings - are in flight and on their own.

And every where I look I can see the flowers give way to the seeds and nuts and fruits. Each of these have their own unique form and point. I love the swirly seed pods and the milk weed pods that will soon explode with "fairies". The nuts will soon be buried in little mounds all over our yard. and the birds will find the berries for months to come. Ahhh fall in Wisconsin!

 The preparations for winter survival are well on the way. I have always loved fall. It is my inner clock's New Year. While others find hope in spring, I love the crisp and clean breath that is Autumn. It is a glorious romp of color and bounty before Winter sets in. It is a lesson in preparation. It is the end of summer slothfulness.

And, most importantly, it is the beginning of sweater season for jill2day!! And so I head to the studio to start serious reconstructing of afghans and  sweaters; to wander through the bulky and the cashmere, to imagine the warm cuddle of a selected grouping, to sew new and fabulous garments for you!