Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And then there were pins...

Just added to the jill2day shop are pins! These little brooches are made from bases covered with my sweater knits, and vintage buttons that I have gathered from various sources.

These pins are great for giving; to sisters, to teachers, to hairdressers, to buddies, or to yourself! They will decorate your hat or purse, they will hold your scarf from flying in the wind, they will add a little pizazz to you plain old coat!!

If you really want to make a statement you can add a jill2day ring to go with your pin - or to wear on its own. Made with the same eco-friendly materials  as the pins, but scaled for your hand. A great little bauble for your upcoming holiday parties!!

Now is the time to go to the new "brooches and rings" section and take a look!