Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Virtual Studio Tour!

This weekend I will be participating in the open studio tour for the Mount Horeb Area Art Assocation. I have been frantically cleaning and organizing my studio, so that visitors can see exactly what a real fiber art studio looks like! Ha Ha! While it has this moment of almost perfection, I thought I would also let you take a peek!

"Sasha", my mannikin, is my only employee, she is confidant, and uncomplaining comrade. She has resided in various locations around the house, but is presently located here by the back  door where she can catch beautiful light at this time of year and welcome anyone coming in the door. On the left is the door into the room where all the magic happens!
Looking into the studio you will see my ball/chair both ready to roll and, also, to occasionally buck me off. I would love to say that it is there for my exercise program, but actually I have just found it the easiest chair to kick out of my way! On the right is my main serger and my back-up; they overlook the backyard through the window. The little radio/CD player gets a real workout with all the audio books, and the pottery vase holds my retired paint brushes. The bundles on the shelves are t-shirt tunics waiting to be made!
The second shot shows some of my sweater "stash" (more is hidden away) and the "three sisters" who help me size and sculpt my garments. The vintage laundry card holds extra sleeves from previously cut sweaters. The license plate, "SIQUIS*", is a souvenir from long ago. That was the name of my graphic design business back in the day, and the plate was on my sporty little Mazda RX7. 
The third photo, shows some of the sweater bundles that are ready for sewing. There are about 90+ more of these hiding in other storage areas! The shorter pile is a group of skirts ready to have waistbands added to them. The top two drawers are filled with my thread cones.

Please also note "Mr Cat" by FranieFran . She is both a customer and a fellow shop owner on Etsy. Mr. Cat brings a smile to me everyday.
So there it is... lint free and organized. I am scared stiff to go inside! I am very lucky to have this space, and for the customers who help me to be there every day. Thanks to all of you and I wish I could sit and have a cup of coffee here with each of you.

*Si quis means "if anybody" and was the name given to some of the first advertising bills displayed  ancient rome.