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Tuesday, July 3, 2012 is up and going!

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Art for three good causes!

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This is an art quilt that I did a while ago. It was done after watching a home burn to the ground. Some of the remnants of the home are included in the quilt itself, as are photo images of the aftermath.

This is now being offered for sale in charity benefit Auction at MIT in Boston. The opening bid is $200 and I really hope that it sells, so the charities will benefit from my donation. The three charities are Troubadour, Children's Glaucoma Foundation, and Humanity in Action. to find out more about these charities, click here.

There is an on-line auction, followed by a live auction on Thursday night. You can see more (or bid!!) here:

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Also included in the auction is this wood engraving by Ray Gloeckler. Ray was a professor of Art and the University of Wisconsin, and other institutions, for many years. His are is focused on a satiricaal look at current issues, and uses the wood engraving style. Ray is one of the premiere artisans of this media in the world.

If you are in or know anyone in the Boston Area, please pass the work about Thursday night! And about the on-line auction as well.
For mor information go to:

Friday, April 27, 2012

It is that time again at jill2day! T-shirt tunics are coming. Starting next week I am switching from sweaters to t-shirts for production!

Turquoise floral

Pink patterned
Click here to see some examples from last year.

I have just posted 14 groupings of fabric on my Facebook fan page. If you would like any of these fabric groupings made in your size, go check it out and follow the instructions. Also, on some of the groupings, you are able to choose to have it made in either the Panel or Asymmetrical style, and specify a sleeve length.

East Indian Print
Three of the groupings are shown here on the left. (clicking on the caption will take you directly to my Facebook page with the picture) I am making, them for the shop, and so if I should be making them in a particular size, now is the time to mark it.

This is NO OBLIGATION to you. I will make it, post it, and let you know when it is available... then you can choose to purchase it, or leave it in the shop! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Where all the woman are beautiful and the kids above average!

(as Garrison Keillor would say!)

Not the venue,
just a welcome sign
I saw downtown!
The jill2day road show is at the River Center for the American Craft Council arts and craft show. It is a very well run show and great artists around every corner! It is a very good thing I have little shopping time!

Yes, selling items is the purported purpose of attending these shows, but truth be told, that is about three on my list! the real "first" is the people! I have been lucky enough to meet a few of my Etsy customers (and fellow sellers) at shows I have done.  Add to that the show customers who 'discover' me at shows and the other artisans who become my compatriots in set-up and tear-down dramas and help to pass the hours (and chocolates) during the show.

Yesterday was the first day of the show, and I met groups of mothers and daughters, sisters, and friends out for a day shopping together; Some very interesting couples who are enjoying walking through life together; and many both professional and non-professional artists and craftspeople.
Nancy rocking her new sweater!
Seth and Nancy were one of the couples who entered my booth... you know how some people have sunshine surrounding them? Well this is one of those couples! From Seth's enthusiastic smile and photo taking  (and you can tell from his blog, that is his 'normal' state of mind!), to Nancy's glee at wearing her new sweater, you could tell this is a couple who are enjoying life!

I had better get going, and get to the venue to prepare for another busy and fun day... more tomorrow!