Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tagline; What does it mean

When I redid my jill2day shop recently, I also changed my tagline to:
...always one-of-a-kind...always eco-friendly...always snuggley perfect

So what does this mean?

One-of -a-Kind
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You will never see your garment duplicated. No patterns are used, it is sculpted individually on a dress form, with unique materials. I find some pretty wonderful fabrics in my supply searches, but usually only once. So the size of a sweater or the unique attributes of it will often determine the final size or style of the garment I make... never to be seen again!

The fabrics used in this garment were sourced at charity-based resale shops. All were chosen for their uniqueness and quality, all were given new life, and all were saved from the landfills. All suppliers were chosen for their philanthropy and good works in hope of also keeping my garment socially responsible.

Occasionally, people have questioned my cutting up perfectly good garments, especially when they are in stores often thought of as providing low-cost clothing to those in need. I did a post about this when I first opened, if you have that question, click here.

Snuggley perfect.
Comfort and durability are sewn in with an industrial serger. This means the insides of the garment is smooth and unfettered by seaming, instead the seams are made decorative through the use of colored thread and appear as a design element on the outside of the garment!

My designs are all original, are designed for casual and comfortable fit on all body types. The distinct flare of the back, and the wide sleeves (on most garments) are two of the considerations for comfort. Of course the afghans are just plain comfy on their own!
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Because all of the fabrics are pre-used, they also have that comfort that is usually found in your favorite old t-shirt or jeans, but now can be worn to the office in the guise of a business sweater!

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