Monday, April 16, 2012

10 foot art

I heard a wonderful assertion one time. It was that a truly creative person should be able to see creativity within 10 foot around them at any given time. I really believe this. We are always surrounded by stimulus. I challenge myself with this idea often. Sometimes with my camera, sometimes drawing, sometimes craft, once in a while even by writing! Many times they are just thoughts and images in my mind. It is an especially useful exercise in transit and in waiting rooms.

The above three images are from a recent walk. I stopped and looked. The leaves, puddle, and recently sawed wood were all there. The photos were taken with my cell phone, and have not been retouched or cropped. The color was amazing to me. I am happy that I saw these within my 10 feet.

I have ordered some custom fabric with these images printed on it. (a great site to do that is It will be the base fabric for an art quilt. I haven't done one of those in a while, and have quite a 'hankerin' to do one.

What is in you ten feet today?

1 comment:

kawaii_mon said...

Such beautiful, pale earthy tones. Looking forward to seeing how your quilt comes together.
I'd never heard that quote before but it is a good one. I certainly never lack ideas and inspiration, if anything I'm often overwhelmed by too much!