Thursday, April 19, 2012

Etsy; its not all snuggley!

'stache cup cozy
The shops on Etsy are not just soft garments and pretty jewels! Once you make it through the sparkles and pottery and cowls and arm warmers, there is another world of off-beat and different shops. There is a wonderful edginess to many of these shops. I love this part of the selling community, because it usually means the sellers are a bit "edgy" and fun in the forums and teams also! There are four sellers that come to mind immediately when I think about "edgy". I would like to introduce you to their unique shops.

apple cozy
Diane at KnotWorkshop is a crocheter... but not your grandma's crochet (as they say in the car commercials!) Being able to use her items at work, is one of the very few reasons I would enjoy the corporate world again. I fantasize being back in meetings I have previously sat through, and think how much better they would have been with a 'Stache cup cozy!
Then when the noon whistle sounded, I would release my apple protected by my KnotWorkshop cozy and let the attitude shine! It would have kept me smiling all morning long.

It is my fervent hope to sit and have a shot with Diane some day, just so I can hear her wonderful quips and snark in person!  Who knows, maybe I could even learn how to crochet from her!

shadow box
paperanji is a shop after my own heart. You have seen my posts on the various rocks, moss and bones that I find in our area. My kids too, hauled home more things than I can remember. Finding a store that celebrates these goodies is a visual treat.
smoking allowed
Whether you need just a beautiful rock or piece of moss for your project, or a shadowbox of intriguing things for your wall, paperanji is the one for you to visit.
When you are done in that shop, head over to her second shop, resonanteyes, and browse through it. There you will find her artwork. Anji is a tattoo artist in Portland, and her artwork is the natural outcome of that talent. As someone who has not smoked for many years now, but still misses it everyday, I love her section of smoking fetish paintings.
heart and femur

Speaking of skulls and bones, reminds me of one of the biggest success stories I have seen on Etsy. LostApostle is a jewelry store that is like none other. It is filled with anatomically correct hearts, microphones, skulls (human and otherwise) and a myriad of other amazing things. Perfect for either a man or woman, and craftsmanship that is unmatched, these necklaces have flown out of his shop. While still a very active member of the sellers' community, he is usually seen flying by at warp speed while filling orders and making wonderfulness! The next time you are looking for that perfect heart and femur necklace make sure to go to Lost Apostle.

Etsy has its vintage sellers too, but they are not all brooches, dishes and dresses. SurrenderDorothy has found a great niche in the market for vintage visuals. From botanical prints, through maps and medical illustrations she has something for everyone. When I need a laugh, I love going to Veronica's shop. Where else can you find a "Red headed hula girl" "Sick man with a wedgie" or a "Gibson Girl's Oral Hygiene"

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