Friday, April 27, 2012

It is that time again at jill2day! T-shirt tunics are coming. Starting next week I am switching from sweaters to t-shirts for production!

Turquoise floral

Pink patterned
Click here to see some examples from last year.

I have just posted 14 groupings of fabric on my Facebook fan page. If you would like any of these fabric groupings made in your size, go check it out and follow the instructions. Also, on some of the groupings, you are able to choose to have it made in either the Panel or Asymmetrical style, and specify a sleeve length.

East Indian Print
Three of the groupings are shown here on the left. (clicking on the caption will take you directly to my Facebook page with the picture) I am making, them for the shop, and so if I should be making them in a particular size, now is the time to mark it.

This is NO OBLIGATION to you. I will make it, post it, and let you know when it is available... then you can choose to purchase it, or leave it in the shop! 

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Anonymous said...

I just started making t-shirts is that time of year! Your items are awesome!