Monday, April 2, 2012

100 - Thanks to each and everyone of you!!

these are some of the shops in my treasury: Dorsbien    HeavenSent    Hobbiesfromtheheart     Midwooddesign
I see this morning I have broken the 100 followers mark for my blog! I am doing a happy dance right here in my kitchen (while holding my first cup of coffee!!)

Thanks, now I no longer feel like all I am doing is talking to the wind (although that can be very therapeutic!). I will try to keep things interesting and moving along.... In the meantime I made a treasury in Etsy to celebrate! Check it out! jill

1 comment:

Gypsyheart said...

Wow! what a wonderful encounter you had!
I am fascinated by albino animals, especially in myth and legend. Think of the white stag in Celtic myth that granted wishes!
Thanks so much for showing my felted little Jerboa!