Monday, April 9, 2012

What a doll

As a kid, I was never a big fan of dolls. Yes I had Louise, who was a large doll given to me by my Aunt, and a doll (not quite a barbie) for which this same aunt made beautiful handmade garments. My bestie Cathy and I did sit on the front porch steps and play with these quite often, but mostly I played horse or soldier with the twin boys next door.

such cute jeans!
Since opening jill2day on Etsy I have discovered a whole new world of dolls and doll clothing made by craftswomen. Three of my Etsy buddies are purveyors of such wonderful items, and I thought I should introduce them to you!

The first is Pattie, of dressurdolly2. She makes wonderful one of a kind shoes and clothes for dolls. I am astounded at the detail she adds and the fun she has doing these.

Her clothes go to grandmas and aunts who lavish their young relatives, to collectors who take great care with their own dolls, and of course, to the young doll owners themselves. So whether you are looking for a stylish leopard coat for winter, or these great denim overalls for summertime fun, check out her shop!
ode to Mom!
Then there is my buddy, Denise, who makes Halfpenny and Pegtale dolls for her shop HeartStringsHandmade. These dolls are wonderful little morsels of creativity. With their pixie size and tiny details they are just so engaging.
black and white glamor!
She make theses dolls for every holiday and occasion (including wedding toppers) and everyone is original and one-of-a-kind. Denise has a very loyal following for her East Coast shows, and is relatively new to Etsy, but a rousing success so far.

I love this black and white doll, because it is true "everything IS more glamorous in black and white!" Next time you are looking for that special little gift, be sure to check out her shop. And while you are there, make sure to notice the great coasters she also makes!

Finally, there are the wonderful dolls from the world of LoopyBoopy. Colleen lives in the big easy, and her dolls must feel so at home in that wonderful place. These are art dolls made for the serious collector and appreciated by art galleries. They have both angst and vulnerability and will just steal your heart the moment you see them.

sorry slugs
Colleen has recently added the "Sorry Slugs" to her shop. these are just the perfect 'little sumpin' gift for your bestie or someone who just needs a lift!

And if this isn't enough dolls for you, check out my treasury with 16 more dolls to see! 
these dolls can be found at these Etsy shops: dorsetclothing   Henandchick   Snapshot and dustyattic

4 comments: said...

Sigh....such great memories of playing with my dolls when I was a little girl. I could spend all day sorting and rearranging their clothes and thinking up new combinations for them to wear!
Thank you so much for mentioning me here, Jill. I feel honored to be included with artists such as HeartStringsHandmade and loopyboopy!

jill2day said...

Dressurdolly2 - some of us just never grow up and continue to play!! I wonder how many of us got our first sewing lessons making doll clothing!!

LoopyBoopy said...

Its funny I'm like you Jill, I had one giant raggedy ann doll that pretty much just sat on my bed. Never really played with dolls and today I play with dolls everyday:) Love this and thank you so much for featuring the varied doll artists on Etsy.

resonanteye said...

I always loved raggedy ann, but all other dolls scare me.

even loopy's! I kind of like hers though, the way I like scary movies. I like that thrill of fear.